Asset Equal®

Creative, honest, solutions for the transportation and logistics industry.

GHC is a supply chain services company committed to continuously challenge the status quo, in order to identify and engineer creative, honest solutions that deliver true quantifiable value to all participants in every transaction.

GHC Services ASSET EQUAL® solution provides shippers all the advantages and capabilities normally associated with asset based companies at a true lower total cost, i.e. spotted equipment, pop-up fleets, dedicated capacity, etc. This solution expands capacity and eliminates the expense attributed to adding and managing large carrier bases. The ASSET EQUAL® service eliminates the real and perceived disadvantage traditionally associated with 3PL and brokerage services.

Our Services

Committed Capacity Services

GHC manages thousands of shipments each month with over 99% moving on a Specific Dedicated Committed Carrier. Unlike most traditional brokers, GHC does not “play the market” with your shipment, service or capacity.

Business solutions

Shippers and Carriers can benefit from GHC Business Solutions. Extensive experience qualifies us to ask the difficult “what” and “why” questions, explore opportunities, bench mark against best in class and engineer quantifiable solutions for your business.

Professional Sales Support

If you are an asset based transportation services provider seeking to reduce the cost of sale while improving margin and expanding coverage GHC has a solution for your consideration.

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